River Mill Osteopathic is proud to serve the health of the Central Maine community by offering primary care, laboratory, and pharmacy services to members, as well as critical access to specialty services at discounted rates for non-members.

Botox for Chronic

Dr. McCue is trained in the evaluation and treatment of chronic migraine using injectable botulinumtoxin. Injections are scheduled on a 10-12 week cycle, and for a majority of patients it will reduce migraine days by 50% or more.

Prior Auth and First Treatment$200
Subsequent Treatments$100
Member Cost$20

Buprenorphine for Opioid Addiction

As a service to the surrounding community we offer office-based treatment for opioid addiction using buprenorphine, a medication that eliminates withdrawal without getting the patient “high”. Patients are able to devote time to family, work, and school without fear of withdrawal. Given the intensity of the process, this service is not included in the cost of membership though available at a significant discount to members.

Stabilization$75 week
Maintenance$50 visit

Naturopathic Partnership

We offer partnership for local naturopathic doctors to supervise prescription services covered by their training and not available under their license, and at an affordable rate. Local naturopathic doctors will be able to advise patients within their scope of practice and refer for medical evaluation of suggested treatments outside their licensed prescribing rights, which we will then independently evaluate, prescribe if in agreement, and supervise closely in co-management.

First MonthSame as Membership
Second Month75% of Membership
Third Month50% of Membership


We provide several urgent and non-urgent primary care procedures to all members for a small additional fee to cover the cost of materials. Pricing does not include the cost of Nexplanon, IUD, or botulinumtoxin, which may be acquired separately using insurance or through our pharmacy.

Joint Injection$25
Wound Repair$10 -20
Casting and Splinting$10-20
Nexplanon/IUD Placement$20
Botox for Chronic Migraine$20
Abscess Incision and Drainage$10-20

We Help You Find Your Native Health


Phlebotomy services are available on-site at the time of your office visit at no additional cost. Additionally, we have contracted with multiple laboratories to provide service at significant discounts, often as little as 1/10 typical hospital lab prices. Patients may also choose to have their blood drawn at any LabCorp location for the same discounted lab rates. Click below to see a list of current pricing, which is subject to change.


We have an on-site pharmacy available only to members, with commonly prescribed medicines at significantly lower cost than available at most local pharmacies. These can be dispensed immediately upon prescription so as to further save the patient a trip to the pharmacy. Click below to see a list of current pricing, which is subject to change.

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